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I love oils! I am one of the most self-professed critical people I know. When someone says they love a song, or a drink, I dislike it on purpose until I decide to like it. Seriously, its that ridiculous. But here is what I found with Young Living oils – I couldn’t hate them.

I had a horrible headache one day and someone walked right up to me, I literally don’t even remember who and they actually rubbed Peppermint oil into my temples. Y’all, listen to what I am saying – this person touched my face with this oil. And within 45 seconds my entire headache was gone. G O N E

I became a believer and didn’t have time to be skeptical. I immediately ordered my starter kit & have been in love ever since. I know what people think when they look at that price tag – trust me, from one poor mama to another, I get it. But let me tell you this: it is worth it! I guarantee that you will find Young Living to be of the highest quality. They have their own farms, their products are the real deal, you can apply them to your body safely (read the label to see if you need a carrier) and you can ingest them safely! (again, read the label)

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Ready to sign up and start your journey?! – sign up here and make sure you are using my id 2724887 for your enroller & sponsor number so you are on my team! Join my Facebook page & lets connect on an oily level! These are the 2 most popular starter kits – the only difference is the diffuser (I personally prefer the Desert Mist


Desert Mist


 My opinions  are specific to my experience and knowledge with/of Young Living essential oils only. My suggestions and use have not been evaluated by the FDS and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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