I am a B I G advocate for traditions. Growing up my mom was very into seasonal traditions, she would hand paint or screen print matchy matchy sweatshirts for our entire family, we would have to take pictures, we would go to the same pumpkin patch, the same Easter Bunny, the same place to see Santa each year. And while to some it may seem monotonous to me it always was super special. You only went to those places at that holiday time, and when you see them – you are immediately flashed back into those years.

When I had Soph I knew I wanted to start traditions with her. One of the most fun (so far) has been the pumpkin patch. We went last year to Evans Farms in Suffolk, Va and Soph loved it…well as much as a 9 month old loves something. It was super hot and I of course had her in pumpkin onesies and her first costume. We went again this year as a 20 month old and y’all that “pumppin” lovin’ little girl had the BEST time!

So I wanted to share with you guys our Halloween/Fall pumpkin patch pics from 2018!

ps scroll to the bottom for a flashback of 2017!


What are some of your fave traditions? Do you have a place you go or a recipe?


#flashback look at my sweet little baby in her first costume! All the feels about these cute pics. It was incredibly hot Oct 2017 in Tidewater, I’m pretty sure it was above 85 degrees and I had that poor baby in fleece jammies just for a picture!

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