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My Favorite Ornaments

This year when I was decorating my tree I found some of my childhood ornaments that my mom gave me after I got married. She wanted me to have my favorites to bring happiness and tradition into my home. Growing up we had super full trees and now as an adult with my own tree I have opted for a thinner tree and I love putting up these ornaments each year and reliving all of those memories!

As kids, each year we would get an ornament as a gift, and honestly- that is the equivalent of socks to a kid y’all. The special magic that comes with that ornament doesn’t kick in until adulthood when you are old enough to truly appreciate those little tokens of love.

I wanted to share some of my favorites!

I got this little bus my first year of real school!
My mom loves vintage-y glass Santas, She has so many and one year both my brother and I got matching ones. I love these!
This is a very recent ornament gift. I got it when I got married in 2015
Another special Santa ornament – I think this one is my favorite because as much as I love Santa I don’t like the color red. Plus, my tree is traditionally all gold and this fits more with my aesthetic.
This one is older, I think I was in middle school when I got it.
My late Granny gave this to me in like 1994! I have always loved this one.
This was a gift in 1992 from my Meme
I must have really been into Carousel horses – OR this was the year that Mary Poppins came out & I was OBSESSED
You can’t see it very well but this is a salt dough impression of my daughters hand Christmas 2017 – her first Christmas.
This is her little footprint Christmas 2017! These are my FAVE ornaments ever.
Babys first Christmas 1989 (and so began the horse ornament craze)
I could do a set of 25 posts on how obsessed I am with Belle, how I modeled most of my life after her, and how I literally have tried to be just like her since I first watched B&tB… but I won’t – I will say that this is from Enchanted Christmas and I L O V E I T
I have the best babysitter EVER – along with the footprint, and handprint I also got this ornament. This is just a piece of felt – but the ribbon that is tied on is exactly how long Sophie was in 2017 at Christmas.
This is one of the first ornaments I ever made! Pre-school 1992!
I danced for 9 years, best 9 years of my life. Don’t tell my husband that though.


Please share with me your favorite ornaments and family traditions!

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