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The joys of a thin Christmas Tree

Most people see Christmas trees in store windows or displays and are so drawn to full, thick trees. Now, while I am absolutely not a fan of a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” I don’t particularly enjoy a super full tree.

My tree was $60 at Walmart 5 years ago, I got it when I first moved in with my now husband. It was my first “home” purchase and I was all I could afford. I bought a TON of ornaments, and I spent hours making sure everything was perfect. He came home, and even though he loved it, it is a thin tree, and honestly I think my husband felt bad about it. But you guys – I didn’t! I love my thin tree.

I get more ornament spacing, i can add more of everything. I am not one of those people who think “less is more” no.. no it isn’t, not always. One of my past professions was at a floral shop, where we were often commissioned to professionally decorate Christmas trees for events, stores, mansions, etc. And one of the things I learned was how to properly decorate a tree (thats totally another post all together) Proper decoration means the fullness of your tree doesn’t exactly hinder your outcome. So if you have a thinner tree this year – just buy a few extra ornaments, some tingting and ribbon and read my next post on decorating!

What is your preference? Thin tree or thick tree?

2 thoughts on “The joys of a thin Christmas Tree

  1. I’ve always had a very full tree, but it’s honestly a MAJOR hassle. I’ve been in a more minimalist style the past few years and my Christmas trees never fit that style. Maybe this year I’ll slim down!!

    1. I love that! Growing up we had 3 huge, super full trees and decorating them was such hard work! Full/thick trees are GORGEOUS but for a lazy, tired mom like me – thin trees with extra ornaments are a lifesaver!

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