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The Everyday Diffuser Blend

You guys! Let me tell you this – being married to an outdoorsmen means I have to work a little harder to keep my house smelling fresh. I work hard to battle the dirt, deer, fish, woods, ocean spray, Realtree odor that envelopes my house if I am not careful. Plus, in our region we hunt with dogs, which means we have a LOT of hounds! Name a more smelly dog than a hound, go on… I’ll wait.

Here is my favorite blend that is an everyday essential in my diffuser:

These two things together are unstoppable! The Stress Away promotes a calming in my house, something that in this chaos is always welcomed. The Peppermint keeps the air fresh and clean. Stress away has a vanilla undertone and when its mixed with the refreshing minty aroma of Peppermint it is just perfection. I rotate this with two other blends I will share later this week!


Whats your fave blend?

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