Hey y’all! I am super excited that you are here and I really hope you find something that relates to you today! This blog has been (re)designed to be encouraging, positive, sometimes a guide and sometimes a confessional. I hope that through these posts, whether its a recipe, a bible study, or even just a DIY you have a great time!

My name is Jordan & that is me and my husband on our wedding day. Literally one of the most fun days of our lives, and one of my favorite pictures of us. Such a great representation of us as a couple. I am the laughing dreamer and he is the steadfast strength that keeps me grounded.

I am a Jesus follower, something this blog is going to focus around! In a previous version of this blog I didn’t have direction or focus which produced random posts about things I hoped to make relevant to get followers and monetize the blog fast. So cheers to rebranding & fresh starts!

Jordan in a nutshell: Jesus.James.Sophie.Netflix.ParksandRec.TheOffice.Dogs.AllThingsCozy