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My first challenge!


Ok you guys – I did it! I took the plunge and jumped into an at home cross fit group and my first challenge is coming up! I have been in this group for about 2 weeks and I am just really excited to really dig in and get super healthy…although to be honest – I just want to sit in my jammies and eat combos.

So let me share with you guys a little about this fun challenge/program – It runs for 5 weeks starting Jan 7 and bascially its going to be a kick start to intense (because I am SO out of shape) health (as I sit here eating Hot Tamales) I amĀ all about portion control so I don’t feel deprived, however, with this challenge I have to eat from an approved list of foods and eat 4 meals a day. The food list is HUGE and its all about eating clean, something I have wanted to do for a while but am totally too lazy and uncommitted to do on my own but having an entire community swapping recipes and keeping each other accountable is HUGE game changer!

Each day the amazing guru’s post a workout of the day – to complete my challenge and earn my points I have to log 5 workouts each week PLUS my 4 meals a day. Y’all I am beyond excited. Do you have fave recipes for eating clean? Please send them my way! I will make them and possibly post on instagram!

Also – be on the lookout beginning of March for challenge before and after photos. Here’s to hoping I magically transform.

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