Happy Birthday!

Celebrations are a HUGE deal in our family. I mean we celebrate every accomplishment big or small but birthdays are the biggest! We start planning the next one before the current one is over! Growing up we didn’t always have a lot of money – but we always¬†celebrated our birthdays. There were times that I remember going to the McDonalds Play Place and we could each invite 1 friend and we ate (or sometimes shared) a Happy Meal! And y’all let me tell you – we loved it. We loved every second of sharing the booth with our friend, playing with our toys, and then running around the Play Place.

I had no idea how blessed we were. Even though I didn’t know we weren’t rich, we never felt poor, and we certainly didn’t know that our party wasn’t “all that and a bag of chips.” It is actually super upsetting to me when someone tells me they never had a birthday party, whether its because their parents didn’t have the means or they were just lazy; either way, to my childish heart its tragic.

This might seem like a “little thing” to us adults, but to our kids – its a big thing! This was one of the reasons I decided to support Compassion International. My little girls name is Ghale and this is her birthday month! You will all meet her in an upcoming post – but here is a snippet of background: Ghale is 3 years old and turns 4 in November, she has 3 siblings and no parents. She lives with her uncle who sometimes can find work as a tradesman. I want this little beauty to feel so special on her big day, so I made sure to send her a special birthday gift (purchased and delivered by a specialist in her country.)

I encourage you to sponsor a child. It is the most incredible connection. If you feel like you can’t commit to a monthly gift – I encourage you to give based on birthdays when you feel led: you can search for upcoming birthdays for children who don’t have sponsors and you can surprise them with a gift! How amazing is that? Think of how full their little hearts would be on their birthday to find out a far away stranger was thinking of and praying for them. Visit this link to see the available kids and give them a gift today.

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