We’re on a boat

I am a lister – I rarely am able to complete any task without listing out each step and crossing them off. This tedious nature drives my husband insane, but it truly helps keep me focused, especially in stressful situations.

When we are headed out for a day on the boat, the time planning what to bring is a stressful time. I need to make sure I have everything I could possibly need for myself, my husband (because you know they forget something every time) and my daughter. Which means I need a list!

I attached my favorite skeleton list to this post so that you know what the basics are. You can’t pack your entire life on your boat, but you can pack what you need and be prepared. You have to know what your families basic needs are and grow your list from there. You also have to know how to utilize the storage on your boat properly (new post to come later)

What are some items that you know you can’t leave the house with?

Grab your checklist here!

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