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Taming a Wild Toddler

Sometimes I honestly forget how little Soph is. She acts so grown up all the time, her attitude rivals even mine, and she is so incredibly smart. So far this summer though I have had a hard time keeping her interest when it comes to activities. She is SO BUSY from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed – its almost impossible to keep up with her. I was so excited for our summer I picked up a large baby pool for her (the plastic kind) in March! She loved it for all of 45 minutes and then was done. Which meant we were on to the next activity.

So here I am trying to find things to do with her these summer weekends that are fun and full of excitement so it will hold her interest and I am coming up short! She is so little that I’m not sure taking her to Ocean Breeze or Water Country would even be worth it — and she is so wild the beach sounds terrifying – but also like it could be a winner – or at least for half a day, ya know?

We have a zoo membership (thank you hubs!) so we could split the day between the two accompanied by some classic Doumars ice cream!

What do you think internet? Am I crazy for taking my little wild thing to the ocean?


what are your tried and true beach with a toddler tips? do you have a crazy baby – if so, how do you keep them busy?

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We’re on a boat

I am a lister – I rarely am able to complete any task without listing out each step and crossing them off. This tedious nature drives my husband insane, but it truly helps keep me focused, especially in stressful situations.

When we are headed out for a day on the boat, the time planning what to bring is a stressful time. I need to make sure I have everything I could possibly need for myself, my husband (because you know they forget something every time) and my daughter. Which means I need a list!

I attached my favorite skeleton list to this post so that you know what the basics are. You can’t pack your entire life on your boat, but you can pack what you need and be prepared. You have to know what your families basic needs are and grow your list from there. You also have to know how to utilize the storage on your boat properly (new post to come later)

What are some items that you know you can’t leave the house with?

Grab your checklist here!