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Thrive: My R E A L Experience

Hey Y’all!

I am SO excited to tell you all about my Thrive experience. So a little backstory – I had a baby in February 2017 and let me just say “pregnancy brain” doesn’t just go away. It almost amplifies as the baby grows. There is a sort of brain fog that takes over and even when you really feel like you are totally rocking a day – there is an a cold dinner sitting in an unplugged crockpot sitting on your counter.

I spoke with my friend Leslie last month and she told me all the great things she was experiencing with Thrive. How great she felt, the mental clarity and all the energy she had everyday – and honestly, how could that not spark my interest? I reached out to her and we decided a 7 day trial would give me the best results. 3 days later I had my happy mail and I was ready to start!

Day One: I started with one supplement, and one shake (see below for my favorite shake recipe!) and as much water as possible! That is the key – water, water, water!! You guys – I LOVED this product! I had so much energy and I was so full all day. I had a hard time eating, I had half a piece of toast for breakfast and didn’t eat again until dinner. Which I can honestly say is 10000% not normal – I am a professional snacker.

Day Two: I did my supplements, shake, and drank all the water. Day 2 was different because I was so so SO hungry! I couldn’t get enough to eat. I can’t even tell you all the food I had during working hours – I stuffed my purse and my desk drawers and at some point I think I blacked out and raided my coworkers drawers too. I’m also fairly positive I had some sort of weird energy burst and yelled at my boss! Woops!

Day Three: This was the best day for me on my experience program. This was the day I added my patch & I had nothing but full mental clarity, I was so productive. I was the normal human amount of hungry, I still drank my water, and I was feeling awesome.

Day Four: Things got a little sticky – this was the worst day. I did my supplements, shake, water, and patch. Five hours into the day and a coworker had to rip my patch off due to severe chest pains. Now – DISCLAIMER: I cannot in good faith say that the only reason I had chest pains was due to the patch or Thrive product. I can say that after stopping my pains ceased. However, after speaking with Leslie we decided I should proceed without the patch.

Day Five- Seven: I did supplements and shakes with plenty of water and experienced the same amount of happy energy I did on Day Three.

Summary: I totally loved Thrive. I felt awesome when I was drinking my water. I had full mental clarity – which is a very exciting thing. I cannot say that I lost any weight – but I for sure had less bloating. All my clothes fit better, my skin was clearer and felt less dry after washing it. I would highly recommend this product to any and every one! I actually found an extra shake packet this morning (freaked out from excitement) and then whipped up a morning shake!

Visit my girl Leslie here and get yourself hooked up!!

My Favorite Shake Recipe!

Ok — so I have a hard time with protein shakes of any kind – but I have found a tried and true recipe that makes them irresistible!

Blend together your shake mix, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (natural works best – but who doesn’t love JIF?), 1 cup of Soy Dark Chocolate milk and about 4 ice cubes. Reeses in a cup. Its the best thing ever. High in protein and fiber and you are good to go!


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My Why

As I have been going through different blogging courses and doing research on what makes a blog great, how to monetize, and how to market – I have found that everyone who is truly successful in making their blog a business has a ‘why.’

Something that is their main reason to make this business work for them. I also have learned through past failed blogs that I can get off track easily. I can get lazy. I lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, and when I get into tired mama mode I always choose sleep when free time presents itself.

So, in the desperate attempt to turn this blog into a career, and to keep myself on track – I want this first blog post to be special. I want it to be a reminder of why I am doing this.

Being a mom is my favorite thing in the entire world. I can’t even put into words how amazing it is, how full my heart feels, how right it is. I have never felt more like myself than I do now that I have a little human. I hope to one day add another little bear cub – but my husband and I have plans. Big plans. We both insist on private education, we want extracurricular activities, whatever those interests may become – I want to be able to give them to her. Plus, we want to move, we want land – I want a pig, I want a new truck, there are SO many things that we want to be able to accomplish and give our family – and currently, in my position, they ain’t happenin’.

What is your why?! What keeps you going and motivates you?